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How I work

I believe relationship is the most important part of therapy. While tools and coping techniques are always helpful, the therapeutic relationship is a safe place to learn trust, boundary setting and self expression.


My style is conversational and responsive. I consider myself to be a flexible and non-linear thinker, although I can offer more structure when it’s needed. I like to maintain a balance between responding to what’s happening in the moment and maintaining a sense of continuity between sessions. In other words, I aim to recognize when it’s necessary to stick to the plan and when it’s time to explore other directions. 


Who I work with

I see adults aged 18 and older for individual therapy.


I have a lot of experience working with people aged 65 and over, addressing issues of identity and adjusting to this phase of life and retirement.


As a cisgender woman who identifies as bisexual, I enjoy working with others from the Queer Community. I prefer to work with women, trans and gender diverse folks. 

I am an artist and lifelong dance student. I believe the creative process is an effective tool for personal exploration, healing and activism.

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